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  • AUDI - Brussels

    Participation in software implementation and EBV line commissioning.

    Perion of implementation 04.2017 to 07.2017

  • AUDI - Ingolstad

    Software design and commissioning of new lines cockpit.

    Period of implementation 2017.

  • AUDI in San Jose Chiappa - Meksyk

    Finall assembly plants - 90% software and commissioning. Design during the period from 06.2015 to 09.2016.

  • BAIC Beijing, China – general assembly

    Completion of wiring design, software development and commissioning of car general assembly control system in BAIC  plant in Beijing, China.   The wiring design project covered 40% of the whole implementation and software development covered 70% of the total implementation.

  • BMW - Munich

    Software design and commissioning for two lines.

    Production standby.

    Perion of implementation 2017

  • BMW Dingolfing - general assembly

    Software design of the overall station control system,
    assembly and battery control at the BMW Dingolfing  car plant.
    Period of implementation: 11.2019 to 04.2020