Consultancy and Design office 
J.Bogacz R. Bednarczyk 
42-218 Częstochowa 
al. Jana Pawła II 66/7 

NIP (Tax Reference Number):
tel. + 48 34 3246048

About Company

Microservice company was founded in Częstochowa in 1993. Since its beginnings designing, completion and integration of control systems for industrial automation are the company main activities. The company was converted into MICROSERVICE Design and Engineering Office in May 2012.

The company has may years experience in control systems commissioning in various branches of industry, to mention a few like steel works industry, automotive industry and cement production one. We render our services in Poland and abroad (China, India, Russia, Thailand)

The scope of our services encompass completion of wiring designs, drivers and HMI stations software development, prefabrication or assembly of control cabinets, installation testing and commissioning at the customer’s premises.    




MICROSERVICE s.c. Consultancy and Design Office 
J.Bogacz R. Bednarczyk 
42-200 Częstochowa 
ul. Łódzka 8/12 
/Tax Reference Number/ Nip 573-284-18-88

Tel. + 48 34 3246048