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J.Bogacz R. Bednarczyk 
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al. Jana Pawła II 66/7 

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tel. + 48 34 3246048

Cookies Policy


Cookie files will be applied into your device while using our service unless you provide  specific settings. You can always change settings for cookie files.
Cookies and your personal data are saved in the service while you were filling the form but at any point you decided to resign and move to another tag.  The data will be stored until the browser is closed.  The names of cookies files storing the personal data are: sFirstName, sLastName, sCompanyName, sStreet, sZipCode, sCity, sPhone, sEmail.

Personal data

Providing personal data necessary for contact purposes is required while sending the form.   The data is sent directly via e-mail to our e-mail account along with the message. The data is used exclusively for contacting proposes. We do not disclose the data.

For persons who do not wish to send the data via the contact form and provide such data, a form on the main web page will be provided where you can leave a telephone number without supplying the personal data. Than you will be called back.